Oosto Unveils New Features for Vision AI Platform

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NEW YORK — Oosto, formerly known as AnyVision, announces new features to its Vision AI Platform. The latest platform release includes the ability to detect unknown individuals entering restricted areas, improved facial recognition and alerting of mask-wearing individuals, and expanded video forensics designed to expedite investigations.

“We are committed to delivering the best performance and ease-of-use for our customers,” says Ido Amidi, vice president of product management. “By integrating Vision AI, we’re able to help our customers better protect their premises while enhancing employees and visitors’ experiences.”

Below, Oosto details the new features:

Restricted Areas: Now security operators can configure OnWatch, Oosto’s watchlist alerting solution, to monitor and alert their teams if any individual approaches or enters a restricted area within a property. Historically, OnWatch was designed to alert security when a watchlist individual (e.g., a known security threat) enters a building. Now, operators can configure any camera or camera group to alert not only on known, but also unknown, individuals who approach a restricted space. Additionally, Oosto added the capability to import and sync known individuals to the watchlists that reside within external access control systems, allowing organizations to clearly define which employees have access to specific restricted areas.

Improved Mask Detection: Recognizing faces of individuals on a commercial customer’s watchlist (e.g., felons, security threats, or even VIPs) is challenging with more than 30% of their faces being obscured by masks. Not surprisingly, face masks have been confounding traditional facial recognition software. However, Oosto’s Vision AI technology now offers expanded support for mask detection, recognition, and alerting — which can even provide alerts when someone is not wearing a mask.

Expanded Video Forensics: With the latest platform release, video investigators can easily manage and investigate cases by searching through hours of offline video footage for persons of interest in a matter of seconds. New functionality enables users to pinpoint all appearances of subjects or unknown individuals in offline video footage that is uploaded to the system. Once uploaded, operators can utilize all existing search capabilities to cross-reference between live channels and uploaded cases.

The platform release includes other improvements as well, including more complete audit logs, integrated account management functionality (i.e., establishing a connection with Active Directory or Identity Provider), and more efficient backup and restore capabilities.

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