Plug-n-play EnGenius Outdoor Wireless Surveillance System

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The outdoor wireless bridge basically allows accessibility to the network to IP Surveillance Camera that are at a remote location. EnGenius outdoor wireless bridge extend the wireless network in locations where cabling is not practical and eliminating the expense of cable runs.

EnGenius EnStationAC Kit and EnStation5-AC Kit are pre-paired and pre-configured, so set-up is quick and simple. It requires no complex installation or integrations – simply plug and play. Instead of spending hours setting up the device, EnGenius wireless surveillance system is running within minutes instead of hours or day. With plug-n-play, no technical expertise or training is required. The transmitting antenna is installed at the same location as the IP Camera, and communicates with camera through a CAT-5 Ethernet cable. The signal from the camera is then broadcasted to the receiving antenna, where another Ethernet cable connects the radio to a Network Video Recorder (NVR). The two antenna that make up the bridge communicate with one another automatically.

EnStationAC and EnStation5-AC supports ultra-fast 802.11ac wireless speeds and optimal bandwidth at extended ranges, transmit clear, seamless HD video streaming from all cameras to the command center. There, security personnel monitor activity throughout the complex from one central location. EnGenius EnJet Technology supports longer ranges and strong interference tolerance, delivering reliable and consistent performance. The adjustable mounting bracket allows you to position the units for optimum performance.

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