Qognify Introduces Qognify VMS 7.4 Software

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.—Qognify, part of Hexagon, a provider of video and incident management solutions, has announced Qognify VMS 7.4.

Qognify emphasizes the latest version of its enterprise-class video management software (VMS) is designed to give organizations greater operational flexibility and video availability, inside and outside the control room.

“Qognify VMS 7.4 is a truly world-class VMS. Our new Web Client responds to the flexibility organizations now need when managing their video operations,” says Sunil Mudholkar, global head of product for video and incident management solutions at Qognify. “And big improvements in our migration tools make it easier than ever for our legacy system customers to move to the most advanced VMS we have ever delivered.”

Qognify VMS Features Intuitive Interface

The company boasts that a standout component of Qognify VMS 7.4 is the new Qognify Web Client. Built from the ground up, the feature leverages the latest streaming technology and places live viewing, playback and investigation capabilities in the hands of the people who need it – whether on patrol, off-site or in the control room. Qognify points out the platform is secure, and the user interface can be accessed via standard browsers on various platforms, delivering improved performance and low latency to enable faster and more efficient and informed decision making.

Qognify also notes that incident response and investigations are also accelerated through improvements to the forensic search tool QogniFinder, which now supports metadata streams from Axis and Bosch cameras, as well as through a new suite of AI-based video analytics. Powered by SAIMOS technology and available for purchase alongside Qognify VMS 7.4, these include perimeter security, counting, object detection, fire/smoke detection, face recognition and gender/age analysis.

The company adds that as more organizations currently using other VMS solutions from Qognify discover the specific benefits of Qognify VMS 7.4, new powerful upgrade tools are available to simplify and accelerate the migration of large systems with multiple management servers.

Qognify VMS 7.4 is available now worldwide.

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