Reolink Introduces Duo 3 UHD 180-Degree PoE Camera

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WILMINGTON, Del.—The homeowner friendly security equipment manufacturer Reolink has announced its new Duo 3 UHD 180-degree PoE Camera.

According to the company, its latest camera product is not the typical dome or bullet style cameras that populate the camera market. Reolink states its new Duo 3 UHD 180-degree PoE Camera utilizes a metal housing, along with sharp edges that help to define its industrial design, and aesthetically it features a black-and-white color scheme.

The company boasts that its new PoE camera delivers four times the clarity of comparative cameras, along with options such as 10x digital zoom capabilities, a 20fps video feed capability, and H.265 compression technologies.  Elaborating on the resolution of the camera, Reolink says the camera produces a 7680 x 2160 resolution to allow users to zoom in on details such as someone’s face or a license plate from distances as far away as 80 feet.

Duo 3 UHD 180-degree PoE Camera Employs Advanced Video Algorithms

Beyond the newly announced security camera’s resolution capabilities, another important feature Reolink’s camera provides homeowners is its Dual-Image Stitching Algorithm. This technology is said to be based on a Laplacian Pyramid Blending technology that is tailored to the company’s specifications that include the implementation of a proprietary exposure equalization technology.

Reolink’s proprietary technology calibrates every camera with a uniform light to eliminate the differences between camera lenses. Powering these technologies is a 4-core SoC processor that conducts a standardized assessment of ambient light to help ensure consistent color and brightness levels.

The Duo 3 UHD 180-degree PoE Camera also incorporates two 2.8mm/F=1.6 lenses. The company notes this lens arrangement delivers a wide field-of-view, and Reolink’s motion track feature that tracks the movement of a person over a period of time in a single picture.

Additional features the camera provides users include color night vision with eight spotlights, instant motion alerts, 24/7 recording capabilities, NVR compatibility, an IP67 compliant enclosure, local micro SD card storage, and smart person/vehicle detection.

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