Ring, The Home Depot to Offer ‘Ring Jobsite Security’ Bundle

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The popular Ring security brand embraced the custom installation channel with the introduction of its pro-exclusive Ring X line last year, and the Amazon company is showing more love for the pro installer community today by announcing Ring Jobsite Security to protect contractors’ project sites.

Ring Jobsite Security incorporates the new Ring Alarm Pro, a unique alarm that, when paired with a Ring Protect Pro subscription ($20/month), offers professional monitoring and cellular connectivity to keep connected devices, like security cameras and even project tools such as laptops, online at a job.

The company is partnering with The Home Depot, one of the biggest suppliers of resources for custom integrators, security installers and other smart home contractors. Available exclusively through The Home Depot, Ring Jobsite Security will offer add-ons that include a heavy-duty protective case for Ring Alarm Pro and Ring Power Packs, security cameras, smart lighting and various sensors.

“The genesis of this is two things came together as we were building Ring Alarm Pro,” Ring founder and chief inventor Jamie Siminoff explains to CE Pro. One was including WiFi 6 technology from Amazon sister brand eero into the Ring Alarm Pro solution as Ring looks to address digital security as much as physical security needs of its mission to make neighborhoods safer.

The other, Siminoff says, was working with The Home Depot and seeing the needs of their professional contractor customer segment, “who is actually in the neighborhood on the jobsite where they need security. And not only did they need security before, but now with the higher price of materials that’s made it more of an acute issue.

“So working with our technology and where we were going, and working with The Home Depot and hearing their feedback, I think together we were able to come up with something that is really a revolutionary concept of affordable jobsite security as a package for the pro contractor,” Siminoff continues.

5-Piece Plus Kit Includes Ring Alarm Pro; Many Add-Ons Available 

The Ring Jobsite Security 5-Piece Plus Kit starts at $399.99 and is available for pre-order at TheHomeDepot.com. The 5-piece kit includes:

  • Ring Alarm Pro
  • Stick Up Cam Battery
  • Ring Smart Lighting Spotlight Battery
  • Ring Smart Lighting Motion Sensor
  • Ring Jobsite Security Case

These Ring add-ons are also available: Ring Jobsite Security Case ($129.99); Stick Up Cam Battery ($99.99); Spotlight Cam Battery ($199.99); Smart Lighting Spotlight Battery ($39.99); Smart Lighting Motion Sensor ($24.99); Power Pack ($129.99); and Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor ($49.99).

Wes Neece, merchandising vice president of electrical and lighting at The Home Depot, mentions to CE Pro that these types of security measures have been mainly only for large-scale builders in the past, and the company was happy to continue its longtime relationship with Ring to create something on a smaller scale.

“A key customer to us is certainly the small-to-medium-size pro, and what this product does for us it allows us to give a jobsite security solution to a large segment of our customer base that really has never had that option before, and especially never had that option at an affordable price point,” says Neece. “So we are super excited to be partnering with Ring to be bring this out to the market.”

He tells CE Pro the residential remodel and new construction is “the sweet spot” for the Ring Jobsite Security solution such as luxury custom homes that integrators are installing valuable gear and infrastructure, but “the benefit of this is it can scale.”

Siminoff adds that application versatility could go from a very small remodel to a big job, “but just like anything, we’ll see how customers use it and how far it scales up.” With the combination of security products, indoor/outdoor coverage, battery power and Internet connectivity, installers can deploy Ring Jobsite Security as comprehensively as they need.

Like homeowners, jobsite managers and installation company owners looking after multiple sites can monitor and receive real-time alerts via the Ring app. They can customize their system to work best based on project needs, and can easily transfer the system to their next site.

In addition to Ring Alarm Pro, managers can also add cameras such as Ring Stick Up Cam Battery, various Ring Smart Lighting devices, Ring Motion Sensors, additional Ring Alarm sensors and a Ring Jobsite Security Case to their security system.

Accessories, such as more cameras, Ring Power Packs that provide additional battery backup, and the new Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor that helps secure areas such as outdoor gates, sheds, fencing and more can be added depending on site needs.

Ring Jobsite Security Keeps Pro Contractors Connected on Sites

With Ring Jobsite Security, by adding a $20/month Ring Protect Pro subscription, the system can use a cellular-only Internet connection to keep connected cameras and sensors online. If installers have Ring Power Packs, the Ring Alarm Pro will continue to protect the jobsite if there’s a power outage. Siminoff says the system was built around the idea that most work sites have power but not Internet.

“It has eero WiFi 6 built into it, so it can give the jobsite WiFi, do the WiFi for the cameras, and then that goes through the LTE; it’s $20/month which includes 3GBs,” he says. The company says the 3GB data can record approximately 300 Ring videos.

“The way the system’s built, working with The Home Depot, Wes and the team, we felt what we wanted to do was not put the LTE in each device, but in essence the central part of this lights up the jobsite with Internet,” Siminoff says. “We have this case with Ring Alarm Pro, that puts out the WiFi and now you can add as many devices as you would want to it.”

He notes that besides surveillance cameras, Ring and The Home Depot know contractors also plug-in laptops and mobile devices used for myriad applications on a jobsite, so WiFi assists there as well. In terms of potential setups on a site, Siminoff describes some common feedback.

“You can set up different motion detections and zones and then you can add on to it with more products in this direct package as well as add more Ring products to it,” he says of dealers wanting to implement more cameras (which include night vision), lights, sensors and more.

In terms of managing multiple sites if a custom integrator has simultaneous projects that require protection, Siminoff adds that the company’s user interface already works well toward that end. Experience on the residential side has influenced that.

“If you have a vacation home, if you have an office … we actually have a pretty good UI around that, and this fits into that,” he says of Ring Jobsite Security navigation and operation.

“Let’s say you’re a pro contractor and maybe you have six jobsites, six small remodels maybe – you could have six Ring Jobsites and each would be a location on there. You could flip back and forth between them, you could monitor and manage them. So even on that business management side it’s a nice way to keep track of a jobsite.”

This article first appeared on SSI sister site CEPro.

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