Snap One Luma x20 IP Cameras Hit the Market

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Snap One (Nasdaq: SNPO) has announced that its new Luma x20 family of surveillance products is now available to Partners online and at Snap One Partner Stores. Previewed at CEDIA 2022, the x20 family features products that are fully NDAA-compliant, deliver the latest AI-powered security features and provide customers greater peace of mind while simplifying installation and long-term maintenance through full OvrC integration.

“The Luma x20 launch is an important leap forward as we deliver on our product platform. The Luma experience goes beyond just pieces and parts. By thoughtfully bringing together hardware (IP cameras and NVRs), configuration and management tools (OvrC), integration (Control4) and the customer app (Luma View), we are able to deliver an unparalleled experience to Partners and customers,” said G Paul Hess, Chief Product Officer at Snap One.

The brand new NDAA-compliant x20 product family is the first Luma product line to include full OvrC integration, simplifying processes and client calls for Partners that can reduce maintenance costs and provide better assurance of 24/7 operation. OvrC also allows for faster setup and can save up to 50% of configuration time. The Luma family of IP cameras are available in bullet, turret, and dome models from 2MP to 8MP resolution with fixed and varifocal lens options. New features including AI-powered human and vehicle detection, easy video sharing, synchronized multi-channel event playback, smooth integration with control systems and expanded Color at Night cameras make Luma an even more attractive option for all Partners and all types of homes and small businesses.

“Many customers are now turning to AI-powered security systems to personalize their home safety with more intelligent and flexible options to fit their lifestyle needs. With the availability of the Luma x20 family, Partners can now provide an advanced line of home and business surveillance tools that feature human and vehicle AI technology based on machine learning algorithms. Customers will also enjoy automatic video stream configuration in Control4, with enhanced camera views as well as a new suite of surveillance features, including live thumbnails and a new single-camera view with settings in Control4,” added Liu. “Additionally, the new Luma x20 cameras are up to 30% more compact than previous models, providing a more sleek and discreet design,” said Forest Liu Senior Director of Product Management for Surveillance at Snap One.

The new Luma View app features AI-filtered events, allows saving and sharing clips, lets users scrub synchronized event footage and provides them with enhanced connectivity security between mobile devices and the surveillance system. The Luma x20 experience with Luma View includes AI-enabled human and vehicle detection that triggers instant push notifications through the Luma View app and connected control systems.

Luma x20 NVRs now offer commercial customers and large homes ample storage with the ability to hold up to 14 terabytes per hard drive bay. Carrying the full power of OvrC, the Luma x20 line can be managed through a single interface, eliminating confusion and enabling rapid issue resolutions. OvrC is a revolutionary cloud-based remote systems monitoring and management solution that provides 24/7 system data and accessibility to technicians anywhere in the world, so minor issues can be remedied immediately without requiring expensive truck rolls and man hours.


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