Social Distancing AI Suite From Pro-Vigil Analyzes, Reports on CDC Guidelines Compliance

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SAN ANTONIO — Pro-Vigil, a provider of remote video monitoring and crime deterrence solutions, announces the release of its Social Distancing AI Suite, which is said to enable retailers, manufacturers, schools and other organizations to restore stakeholder trust in the safety of their work environments.

Pro-Vigil accomplishes this by using artificial intelligence (AI)-driven video monitoring technology to measure compliance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 prevention guidelines around social distancing, occupancy limits and face mask usage.

When the system detects unsafe conditions in a workplace, the company says managers can then use this information to remediate the problem by redirecting traffic flows, expanding the use of safety signage, altering schedules, etc.

“Organizations across industries are struggling to restore trust with stakeholders in a post-lockdown world,” says Jeremy White, founder of Pro-Vigil. “The Pro-Vigil Social Distancing AI Suite is a powerful tool for accomplishing this by automating CDC guideline monitoring and analysis, so our customers can minimize health and safety risks without the need to hire more people or divert staff from their core duties.”

Pro-Vigil’s remote video surveillance system can analyze digital video data to gives users the intelligence they need to adapt processes and policies to reduce opportunities for virus spread. Specifically, Pro-Vigil’s cameras can help with three common CDC guidelines:

  1. Social distance monitoring – Pro-Vigil’s cameras can be programmed to measure the space around individuals to detect when the six-foot rule is violated. This can provide users with information on potential “trouble spots,” so they can reevaluate the best way to direct the flow of foot traffic to avoid “clustering.”
  2. Occupancy management – Pro-Vigil’s advanced video technology can automatically count building occupants, which can help maintain occupancy control.
  3. Face mask detection – Pro-Vigil’s integrated object recognition can detect the use of face masks. This can help leaders identify how strictly mask policies are being followed, so they can determine if they need to post more signs or take other corrective action.

Pro-Vigil’s Social Distancing AI Suite delivers CDC compliance information through a daily scorecard, which shows exactly how an organization is doing in regard to following social distancing, occupancy and face mask guidelines.

If a problem area is detected, users can drill down to learn more about the issue — where it’s happening, at what time of day and who is involved, for example — allowing them to adapt their safety plans for the best possible results, according to the company.

“Social Distancing AI Suite users can publish their daily scorecard results to further build trust with stakeholders,” says White. “For example, posting signs promoting 99% compliance with mask-wearing, or publicizing how building layout has been optimized for social distancing. The daily scorecard provides an easy and efficient way for organizations to let stakeholders know that they are committed to safety and CDC guidelines are being taken seriously.”

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