Speco Technologies Looks to Stay Ahead of the Criminals With Video Surveillance

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A lot has changed in the security industry, particularly in video surveillance, since Speco Technologies president and principal Todd Keller’s father Louis bought the business in 1974, about 15 years after it was founded.

As a second-generation leader of the company, the younger Keller does everything he can to stay on top of—and ahead of—the next suite of products and solutions that his current customers need and want for their businesses and homes and tries to anticipate what they’ll need in the future.

These days, the security industry—like most other things—is delving much more into technology, relying on artificial intelligence and other non-human enhancements to help Speco Technologies bring about products and solutions that solve problems for today’s customers.

“Unfortunately, crime does pay,” Keller tells SSI in an exclusive interview. “We have a very large responsibility to make sure we provide products and solutions that meet today’s demanding needs.

“The industry is going through a major change with advancements in technology, the advancements of different artificial intelligence and being able to get a little more granular when there are particular issues and problems,” he says.

The Ongoing Evolution of the Video Surveillance Market

Check out the full 14-minute video interview with Keller to get all the details on Speco Technologies’ role in the growing video surveillance market and where he expects it to go in 2024 and beyond.

The full interview with Keller dives deep into several topics related to the market’s evolution, including:

  • How and why Speco Technologies is embracing technology in its video surveillance products and solutions
  • Where Speco Technologies’ cameras are being deployed and how that’s changing
  • Where the video surveillance market is on the growth curve
  • Some of the surprising places customers use video surveillance cameras
  • Tomorrow’s technology and how that applies to video surveillance

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