Introducing the SSI Industry Hall of Fame Class of 2021

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A “would you rather”-style game people often ponder is which of their five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch) would they sacrifice if one had to be lost. It’s usually something other than seeing or hearing but such an exercise is a powerful demonstration of the adage that the sum of the whole is greater than the parts.

Indeed (and with the utmost respect to those who are afflicted with and overcome such disabilities), while each of those abilities on their own are vital it is the combination of them all that allows humans to fully experience their environment.

Some people believe in a sixth sense, an intuitive faculty lending inexplicable awareness beyond normal perception. Of course, cynics claim many people lack even the most basic common sense!

A strong argument could be made that those who are exceptional in their given field possess at least a modicum of extra sensory perception. Those individuals are often keenly aware when opportunities present themselves and typically when asked how they knew to make what turned out to be the right move at the right time, they will often explain it as coming from a feeling in their gut.

While others may chalk it up to anything from luck to divine providence, in most cases the highly successful are imbued with special qualities.

Besides intuition, building a particularly noteworthy career also requires virtues such as talent, vison, passion, skill, dedication, focus and tenacity. Moreover, rising to the level of being considered an all-time great in a given profession you need to also fold in integrity, honesty, humility, ethics and philanthropy.

Those characteristics, among other aspirational elements, personify the in excess of 100 extraordinary people who since 2004 have been inducted into the SSI Industry Hall of Fame — including this year’s fantastic five.

Virtual Hall of Fame: View every HoF member in this new interactive timeline!

While “hall of fame” designations are thought of by most people being associated with athletic or artistic pursuits, no disrespect to those endeavors or achievements, the reality is that it’s not life and death. On the other hand, the SSI Hall salutes those whose work is associated with life-and-death consequences.

That has been made even more evident during a pandemic in which security providers were deemed essential workers. In fact, one of this year’s honorees comes posthumously as he was tragically among America’s half-million COVID-19 casualties. Everyone in the security/life-safety industry plays a part in the grand scheme to protect people, property and assets. This institution hails those who have contributed most significantly to this overriding mission.

This year’s honor roll shines the spotlight on another diverse cast of remarkable professionals. The Class of 2021 includes a leading vendor’s relationship builder who for decades has been a friend to dealers everywhere; a man of the people who has guided trade associations toward industry betterment; a passionate advocate for customer care who spread his message far and wide; an astute and driven businessman who built a monitoring empire; and a former law enforcement hero who became just as heroic fighting false alarms.

The newest Hall of Fame recognition recipients are (in alphabetical order): Keith Baird, currently senior director of sales, national accounts, Resideo; Dale Eller, owner, ITZ Solutions; Bob Harris (deceased), former principal of The Attrition Busters; Jim McMullen, president and COO, COPS Monitoring; and Ron Walters, former president, Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC).

Click here for a virtual look at this year’s inductees or read ahead for all the amazing and inspiration details, with a complete list of all Hall members at the end. Check out the slideshow above for some personal pics of this year’s inductees.

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