Top 5 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Woman Uses Young Boy’s Backpack to Steal Liquor

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The coronavirus has had a serious impact on our daily lives. Not even the top surveillance videos of the week are immune to COVID-19.

Due to much of the country (and world) still wary of being out and about in public, there is unsurprisingly a lack of new interesting surveillance videos. In order to make sure we can keep bringing you this weekly feature to help lighten the mood in these trying times, we will temporarily be reducing the number of videos from 9 to 5.

Now, on to this week’s top surveillance videos…

I’m not sure if it’s surprising or not, but we’ve seen a lot of strange surveillance footage come out of liquor stores. There’s the time a guy rode into a store on a horse, the time a raccoon ransacked a liquor store and a handful of others.

When it comes to actually stealing the liquor, we’ve seen suspects hide it in their pants. This week, we have footage of a woman using a young boy’s backpack, as well as a man stuffing a bottle down his shorts.

Surveillance video shows the woman putting bottles of Hennessy in her child’s backpack. Cameras also caught a man on his phone shove a bottle down his shorts. They are believed to have been working together.

Also this week…

It’s probably fair to say that the sensible thing to do if you show up to a business to find it’s closed is to shrug your shoulders, leave and either come back another time or go somewhere else.

That apparently would have been too much for a trio of angry would-be customers that showed up to a New York deli only to find it was closed. Surveillance video shows the suspects ransacking the store, knocking over shelves and destroying display cases.

Click the link to see what else is in store this week. Stay safe and be good to each other.

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