Top 5 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Bears Continuously Enter Convenience Store

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The coronavirus has had a serious impact on our daily lives. Not even the top surveillance videos of the week are immune to COVID-19.

Due to much of the country (and world) still wary of being out and about in public, there is unsurprisingly a lack of new interesting surveillance videos. In order to make sure we can keep bringing you this weekly feature to help lighten the mood in these trying times, we will temporarily be reducing the number of videos from 9 to 5.

Now, on to this week’s top surveillance videos…

When you think of “mischievous animals,” what comes to mind? Cats? Raccoons? Maybe a fox? Bears a have made a case for being included in that list and we have ample evidence to support it.

Over the years we’ve seen bears steal a dumpster from a marijuana facility and spend five hours rummaging through a home while the owner was asleep. Just this past July we witnessed one commit a breaking and entering.

Most recently, bears in the Sacramento area have been wreaking havoc at the same convenience store. Three times over the course of a month, the store saw a bear enter the building.

One clip shows a bear enjoying candy bars on the floor. A second clip hows a customer slap a bear on the rear. A third video shows an employee actually confront a bear before the wild animal lunges at him.

Also this week…

Disturbing surveillance video from a mall in Washington State shows two teens sitting in the food court when a man suddenly begins to douse them in lighter fluid.

They try to run away but one of them is then tackled by the man. They eventually escaped unscathed. A police officer says at one point the man tried to light himself on fire.

Click the link to see what else is in store this week. Stay safe and be good to each other.

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