Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Man Throws Burning Torch Into Police Car With Cop Inside

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In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

We’ve mentioned before how often police officers catch bizarre moments on their body cams. Just a few weeks ago footage was released of a traffic stop encounter with Borat.

This year has also seen an encounter with a goat and an attack by a microwave. The latest body/dashboard cam footage comes courtesy of Seattle.

The footage begins with a police cruiser approaching a man walking while holding a very large torch. When the police officer asks him to stop, the man turns around and charges the cruiser.

He then throws the torch in the cruiser, while the police officer is still inside. The police officer then begins to fire through the windshield (hmm, looks familiar) while simultaneously trying to escape the cruiser.

The suspect takes off but is eventually tazed and apprehended, according to police.

Also this week…

Tesla electric vehicles are packed with impressive technology. Due to the nature of the vehicles reliance around software, they are also easy to hack … in a good way. We’ve seen a researcher turn his Tesla Model S into what he calls an “AI-powered surveillance station,” as well as a security dealer use his Tesla to automate his home.

However, you don’t even need to hack a Tesla for it to watch over itself thanks to its built-in surveillance system. We’ve seen this before. The latest incident occurred in North Carolina where a man’s Tesla caught someone checking if the vehicle was locked, followed by a woman keying the car.

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