Top 5 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Car Plows Through ER Entrance

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The coronavirus has had a serious impact on our daily lives. Not even the top surveillance videos of the week are immune to COVID-19.

Due to much of the country (and world) still wary of being out and about in public, there is unsurprisingly a lack of new interesting surveillance videos. In order to make sure we can keep bringing you this weekly feature to help lighten the mood in these trying times, we will temporarily be reducing the number of videos from 9 to 5.

Now, on to this week’s top surveillance videos…

Typically a hospital is a place you visit when you aren’t feeling well or are already hurt. It’s one of the last places you would expect to get injured.

Sadly that happened to multiple people at an emergency room in Atlanta when a car crashed through the front of the building. Security cameras from multiple angles caught the incident unfold.

Surveillance video shows an SUV stopped behind a vehicle as people walk towards it. The SUV then accelerates and pushes that vehicle out of the way before crashing through the front of the business.

Indoor cameras catch the carnage inside. It’s surprising that this hospital doesn’t have security bollards at the entrance to prevent this type of incident.

Also this week…

Upsetting surveillance video from outside St. Louis shows a woman macing several business employees after refusing to wear a mask. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an assault over wearing a face mask.

Click the link to see what else is in store this week. Stay safe and be good to each other.

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