Top 5 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Customer Turns Violent After Being Asked to Wear Mask

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The coronavirus has had a serious impact on our daily lives. Not even the top surveillance videos of the week are immune to COVID-19.

Due to much of the country (and world) still wary of being out and about in public, there is unsurprisingly a lack of new interesting surveillance videos. In order to make sure we can keep bringing you this weekly feature to help lighten the mood in these trying times, we will temporarily be reducing the number of videos from 9 to 5.

Now, on to this week’s top surveillance videos…

We’re still living in the middle of a pandemic and despite there being scientific evidence that practices like wearing a mask can help prevent the transmission of COVID-19, there are people out there that refuse to wear one.

Not only does wearing a mask help reduce the transmission of the virus but it is allowing for the reopening of businesses, which are employed by people that need that business to be open in order to make money to support themselves and their families.

The owner of a restaurant in Massachusetts broke down in tears when speaking of the importance of keeping her restaurant open while being interviewed by a local reporter after an incident at her establishment.

Surveillance video shows a group of maskless customer walk into the restaurant. When told they must wear masks to be in the building, they became angry, with one woman becoming so enraged she knocks the plexiglass barriers off the front counter.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone working in retail and the restaurant industry is putting their lives at risk to serve strangers in order to support their families. The least you can do is wear a mask for a few minutes.

Also this week…

Surveillance video from a South Carolina Walmart shows a suspect attack an off-duty police officer unprovoked. The suspect had a knife but lost control of it before being able to use it.

However, he still knocked the officer unconscious. He then attempts to reach for the officer’s gun but is chased off by good samaritans. He would escape but end up crashing his car before being arrested.

Click the link to see what else is in store this week. Stay safe and be good to each other.

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