Surveillance Deep Dive: Industry Prices, Profits, Challenges, More Revealed

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Anyone casually familiar with the electronic security industry the past 15-20 years knows video surveillance has been the engine driving the most significant growth and opportunities.

From the introduction of digital recording to network cameras to megapixel imaging to video analytics to Cloud-managed services and beyond, this transformative technology has not only rendered superior security solutions but also expanded the scope to encompass operational efficiencies.

With an ongoing steady flow of advancements and product introductions, the sky appears to be the limit. Yet it is always beneficial to be able to apply actual figures, percentages and metrics to most accurately assess a market and strategize accordingly.

However, relatively little empirical video surveillance data has been made available on the installing dealer/integrator side of the channel, as most of what has been circulated tracks the manufacturing sector. Security Sales & Integration aims to rectify that situation with its first Video Surveillance Deep Dive.

This new research was conducted June-July 2019 and included more than 200 dealers and integrators from throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to the balanced geographical footprint, the study also drew respondents from a wide range of company sizes and years in business.

As well it spanned the residential, commercial and industrial video surveillance markets — including projects, prices, margins, verticals, challenges, technologies and more.

Among the highlights: installers are averaging $11K (residential), $213K (commercial) and $299K (industrial) per month on video projects; deploying five (residential), 27 (commercial) and 37 (industrial) cameras per job; including megapixel cameras 62% of the time; 25% are offering Cloud-based video surveillance as a service (VSaaS); residential, offices, education and retail are the leading vertical markets; and cybersecurity and end-user expectations are the top surveillance market challenges.

Now that you have dipped your toes into this Deep Dive, it’s time to take the full plunge this insightful research designed to help you keep your head above the fast-rising video surveillance tide.

View 2019 Surveillance Deep Dive Results

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