Top 5 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Cop Finds Goat Eating Paperwork Inside Squad Car

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The coronavirus has had a serious impact on our daily lives. Not even the top surveillance videos of the week are immune to COVID-19.

Due to much of the country (and world) still wary of being out and about in public, there is unsurprisingly a lack of new interesting surveillance videos. In order to make sure we can keep bringing you this weekly feature to help lighten the mood in these trying times, we will temporarily be reducing the number of videos from 9 to 5.

Now, on to this week’s top surveillance videos…

Police officers have a difficult profession. In addition to endangering their lives nearly every day, they need to put up with a lot, and I’m not even referring to dodging microwaves or busting up robberies during date night.

There’s no doubt they have some interesting and unique experiences. The latest one comes from Georgia where a deputy returned to her patrol car after serving civil papers only to find a goat munching on her paperwork.

It was all caught on her body camera. She tries to shoo the goat away and when that doesn’t work, gives it a couple smacks on the rear. Eventually she’s able to shove the goat out of the car but even then, he sticks his head back in and grabs some more papers.

Also this week…

It’s really a shame how frequently we’re seeing people refuse to wear face masks, especially when it involves violence. A few weeks ago we saw several people get angry at a restaurant for being asked to put on masks and earlier this summer a woman was assaulted while asking a fellow customer to do the same.

The latest instance comes from a bar in Colorado that saw a man demand to be seated without a mask, despite signage everywhere saying they are necessary. He then shoves the bartender to the ground.

Click the link to see what else is in store this week. Stay safe and be good to each other.

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