Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Realtor Attacked at Open House

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In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

When you think of dangerous jobs, some of the first that may come to mind are police officer or firefighter. But what about jobs that involve you being alone in an empty building with strangers?

While realtors may have a decent idea of who their clients are, they have no control over who attends open houses. Just a few weeks ago, we discovered a man that attended open houses to disable security systems so he could return later to rob the home.

More recently during an open house in Los Angeles, a woman recognized a man that she had seen at a previous open house. She felt something wasn’t right and stepped out to the home’s front porch.

After the man became frustrated with the realtor, he shoves her off a step into bushes before taking off as the realtor screams.

Also this week…

Tesla’s are known for a lot of things. One thing they may not be known for is video surveillance. Sure, there are hackers out there that can turn the car into an all-in-one surveillance station, but even without modifications a Tesla can watch out for itself.

Recently a woman in Colorado keyed a man’s Tesla. Unfortunately for her, she probably didn’t realize that the car has motion activated cameras that come standard and was clearly caught on video.

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