Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Hostages Attack Armed Suspect

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In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

There’s nothing better than seeing strangers come together to help each other. We frequently see videos of people fighting off would-be thieves.

The most recent incident occurred at a convenience store in Phoenix. However, this particular feel-good story started off deadly.

Surveillance footage from the store shows a man enter the building and pull out a revolver. He orders an employee to lock the door and then barricades it.

He then shoots and kills a customer. Eventually, a customer lunges at the armed suspect and is then joined by other customers.

After tackling the suspect and grabbing the gun, the hostages flee the store before the SWAT team makes its way in.

Also this week…

Surveillance video released by the LAPD shows how dangerous it is being a police officer. The footage shows an officer pursuing a suspect on foot through the courtyard of a town home complex.

Suddenly, a man totally unrelated to the pursuit comes around the corner of a home and shoots the police officer at almost point-blank range.

Fortunately, nearby officers were able to attend to the wounded officer, ensuring he’d survive.

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