Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Husband Caught Poisoning Wife’s Coffee

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Look, we all get mad at our significant others once in a while. But that’s just part of life. Forgive and forget, right?

It can probably go without saying, but under no circumstance should you ever intentionally poison someone… even if that someone is your soon to be ex-wife.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what a man in Michigan did. He was caught on a hidden camera placed by his wife after she became suspicious when she started feeling tired on days he made her coffee.

Turns out, he was putting sleeping pills in her morning brew. In one instance, the wife almost dozed off while driving to work. The couple’s daughter also drank the coffee before heading to work.

Inexplicably, the husband was sentenced to serving only 60 days in jail — all on weekends. Prosecutors are working on an appeal to the sentence.

Also this week…

You can tell a lot about a burglar by the quality of their theft. Were they quick? Did they leave behind any evidence?

One burglar in Phoenix thought he was being smart by wiping down everything he touched so he wouldn’t leave behind any evidence. The one thing he didn’t think to do? Hide his face.

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