Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: NYPD Traffic Cop Plows Through Stopped Car

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In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in traffic, especially when you are stuck behind someone that isn’t paying attention.

Road rage is a very real thing. You may fantasize about stomping down on the accelerator and parting the highway with your indestructible truck, but fortunately you (hopefully) have more sense than that.

One person that didn’t have common sense was an NYPD traffic enforcement officer who did exactly that.

Surveillance footage shows the officer in his cruiser stuck behind an idling car. When that car refuses to move, the officer gives it a tap with his cruiser.

Apparently that wasn’t enough. The officer then shifts his vehicle in reverse, backing into the car behind him, and then floors it. The idling car begins to pull into a parking space but it’s too late, the police cruiser rams it off-screen.

According to an NYPD spokesperson when a supervisor arrived, the officer operating the vehicle appeared disoriented, leaving it unclear if that was due to a medical emergency or the result of a road rage incident.

Also this week…

Insurance fraud is apparently a pretty common thing, or at least it is in this weekly video compilation. We’ve seen a man pretend to fall on ice, a faux scooter accident, a man pretend to be struck by a car and more.

This week, cameras caught a dishwasher fake a slippery fall. The best part is he has to try it multiple times. None of his co-workers caught him the first time, so he tries again a few moments later, of course not realizing this is all being caught on camera.

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