The IDIS AI COVID Solution Keeps Facilities COVID-Compliant & Secure!

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The IDIS AI COVID Solution is a cost-effective and highly accurate solution for COVID compliance that encompasses functions to facilitate people counting, occupancy control, density monitoring, mask detection, and social distancing adherence. A simple add-on appliance, it gives you all the functions you need to minimize infection risks and avoid costly disruption to your business operations. This all-in-one, 32-channel AI appliance is compatible with existing IDIS network cameras and DirectIP® NVRs and gives you all the functions you need to minimize infection risks and avoid costly disruption to your business operations.

IDIS is supporting affordable and straightforward return-to-work steps with its new AI COVID Solution. Powered by the industry’s most accurate IDIS Deep Learning Engine compatible with IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA), the AI COVID Solution is a simple add-on appliance that’s compatible with existing IDIS network cameras and DirectIP® NVRs, eliminating the need for complex analytics software or edge VA devices.

The IDIS AI COVID Solution offering includes functions for social distancing adherence, people counting and occupancy control, crowd detection, mask detection and dashboard and reporting tools that are critically important for compliance. These practical deep learning-based features support safe working practices that help prevent the spread of coronavirus and other infections.

Users can take advantage of four advanced video analytics functions simultaneously across 32-channels and each camera stream, making the cost-effective IDIS AI COVID Solution adaptable for all sizes of business. Users also benefit from a perspective view, giving superior analysis compared to top view analytics cameras and ensuring that each camera provides exceptional surveillance for security, safety, and data intelligence.

IDIS AI COVID Solution’s advanced video analytics enables some of the most important counter-infection measures:

People Counting & Occupancy Monitoring – This function counts the number of people coming in and out of premises and shows the status of occupancy in real-time. Using cameras positioned at entrances and exits, the IDIS AI COVID Solution generates precise AI-assisted alerts to overcrowding, with real-time calculations to underpin occupancy control interventions.

Social Distancing – This capability detects distances between individuals and sends an alarm when a defined distance is violated. Users can configure event notifications to issue verbal reminders and select from five spacing sensitivity levels depending on local state, industry or sector-specific requirements.

Crowd Detection – This function alerts building and store managers to overcrowding in pre-selected zones and triggers event alarms every time bottlenecking or overcrowding occurs.

Face Mask Detection – To keep your facility in mask wearing compliance, this function detects people wearing a mask or people not wearing a mask, giving you the ability to configure and trigger event alarms and issue verbal reminders accordingly.

Reporting – Comprehensive reporting tools are essential to compliance and those offered in the IDIS AI COVID Solution provide all four of these video analytic functions. They give you data analysis, including people counts and occupancy, along with any violations, by time, day, and month, for accurate and required recordkeeping. This data can also be exported to Excel spreadsheets for easy referencing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested everyone’s resilience, and now, as businesses look towards the re-opening phase, they’re facing a new set of challenges meeting the guidelines and mandates that have been set to help prevent further spread of the virus. IDIS has developed credible and practical safety solutions, with automation that improves operating efficiency and technology that avoids the cost of hiring in additional manpower or redeploying existing staff to higher-risk front-line roles.

Learn how our AI COVID Solution can help ensure a safe return to work at your facility!

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