The Power to Predict

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Imagine when you know what’s next. You can respond before potential situations occur and anticipate business opportunities that create new revenue streams or reduce operational costs. This capability requires the power to predict, something that Bosch aims to deliver to its customers through AIoT video systems.

Harnessing the power to predict requires making good and efficient use of the rich and versatile data generated by video systems. Video becomes more about intelligent, data-based solutions than collecting high-quality images and storing them for the record. The key to this is combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things (IoT) – specifically joining the networking of physical products and the deployment of artificial intelligence. This trend is something that Bosch has embraced since it first emerged.

Our AIoT products add sense and structure to video data. AI capabilities enable the cameras to understand what they’re seeing and add meaning to captured video with metadata. This process is an important first step in converting rich contextual and behavioral video data into actionable insights – helping users understand events at an ever-deeper level and predict them in the future. Predictive solutions help users anticipate unforeseen events and prevent them from happening proactively. This capability is critical for health and safety applications, such as monitoring for the maximum number of people in an area to ensure social distancing.

AIoT also helps strengthen safety and security and enables new uses beyond security. When cameras and AIoT are combined, they become intelligent sensors that can provide information on activity or states of objects in an area. These smart sensors enable data-driven solutions that provide business insights to bring new value to organizations.

For example, in retail stores, AIoT cameras can capture anonymous shopper traffic data that provides merchandisers and operations managers with actionable insights. With cloud-based processing, the data of multiple cameras is transformed into store traffic visualization tools that show where customers walk, dwell, and engage with product placements. These tools give merchandisers essential information to maximize customer engagement and increase sales, and enable operations managers to enhance service by adjusting staffing to accommodate peak days and times, thereby increasing customer loyalty.

AIoT solutions can also enable integrators to support large organizations or city planners in monitoring parking space utilization. In lots, cameras can count the number of open parking spaces, specialized spots – such as accessible spaces for people with disabilities or those for electric vehicles – or track ingress and egress and relay this data to the video and parking management systems. Sharing this information and alternative parking locations on a dynamic message sign can help people find parking faster.

AIoT software from Bosch complements AIoT cameras and supports informed decision-making by consolidating and augmenting data from multiple cameras. Users can establish a decision center using software, giving them a single, clear dashboard for evaluation. When used for security or health and safety reasons, dashboards identify unforeseen, unwanted, or future situations faster and more reliably – enabling a response before potential situations occur.

System integrators who understand the full potential and capabilities of AIoT products and software can provide their customers with the power to predict, so users stay one step ahead by knowing what’s next.

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