Touchpad PRO Takes Control of New Alula Cameras and AI-Based Object Detection

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A smartphone app should enable control of basic to the most robust security/automation features. The Alula Security app lets home and small business owners easily take total system control from virtually anywhere. And when it comes to in-home or on-premise control, the same ease of operation should exist. That’s why the new Alula Slimline Touchpad PRO was designed to mirror the Alula smart security app experience. After all, shouldn’t learning how to operate a smart security system once be enough?

Alula understands the need to keep things simple. There should be no doubt about how to arm and disarm the security system, turn lights off and on and view live and recorded video to confirm children are safely home from school.

Building on its award-winning predecessor, the 7-inch Slimline Touchpad PRO offers more functionality and benefits, such as improved viewing angles, speaker and microphone upgrades for better audio quality and an improved processor with updated software capabilities.

It also fully integrates with Alula’s new generation of FCC- backed cameras — the  Video Doorbell, Outdoor Bullet and Indoor 360. The first two provide artificial intelligence-based object detection of people, vehicles, pets and more, as selected by the system owner. This feature helps system owners quickly locate the clips they want to see – such as a child returning home from school. An audible chime from the camera’s speaker can be activated to alert people when they are detected by the camera.

The Touchpad PRO chimes when a visitor rings the doorbell and enables two-way conversations using the camera’s speaker and microphone. Homeowners can determine a visitor’s identity and intent while staying safely behind closed doors.

The Touchpad PRO also receives video from Alula’s new sleek 360-degree camera. The Indoor 360 provides responsive pan-tilt-zoom functionality (controlled from the Touchpad PRO or Alula Mobile app) for broader home coverage. And the Touchpad PRO comes ready for wall mounting or tabletop operation.

According to Corey Plender, Alula’s Vice President of Product Management & Customer Success, the new touchpad and cameras were designed for improved customer experience.

“We consistently strive to expand our product portfolio with easy-to-use technology and quality design, providing our dealer partners with the components their customers are demanding,” he said. “The new Touchpad PRO and cameras result from that continued effort.”

For more information about the new Slimline Touchpad PRO or Alula’s new generation cameras visit

The Security Sales & Integration editorial team recognizes Alula’s work on their smart security app, naming it one of the “Top 30 Security Technology Innovations of 2021.”

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