Transform Your Control Room With IDIS Deep Learning Analytics

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Organizations across so many private and public sectors are tasked with managing control rooms that monitor surveillance to ensure the safety and security of people and assets. This is a 24/7/365 job, and one that requires sharp eyes and swift response. But traditional surveillance is prone to triggering false positive alarms caused by harmless environmental factors. Combined with continually monitoring and switching between multiple screens, this often leads to operator fatigue and alarm overload, meaning critical incidents are often missed.

Cut Through The Noise & Eliminate False Alarms

IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA) cuts through the ‘noise’ to distinguish between people, cars, and bikes, and provides real-time analysis of object behavior, color, and direction of movement. By using highly accurate AI-assisted notifications for intrusion, object, loitering, and unusual/suspicious event detection, operators are automatically presented with a real-time view of the incident to verify quickly and respond as needed.

This capability allows your organization’s security team to eliminate false alarm overload – and empowers them with enhanced situational awareness. Now 98% accurate, notifications from IDIS Deep Learning Analytics enable stronger detection, more accurate identification, and easier verification.

Speed Up Investigations

The intelligence gained from analytics are critically important all the time and for many reasons, but especially when time is of the essence. IDIS Instant Meta Filtering empowers users to rapidly search multiple video streams based on event triggers or eyewitness reports such as the number of people, the color of their clothing, and type and color of any vehicles involved, speeding up investigations from hours to minutes.

Detect, Verify And Apprehend

With just a few clicks, IDIS Person Match also increases productivity starting with operators selecting a person they need to find or track. The highly accurate IDIS Deep Learning Engine extracts a person’s characteristics, even from complex scenes and across multiple video streams, to rapidly compile a timeline of events including an individual’s route and last-known location.

Users can also track persons of interest and vehicles in real-time enabling them to pre-empt crime by apprehending suspects, while automatically collecting forensic evidence and eliminating the need to later sort through hours of recorded video.

The Benefits Of IDLA Extend Well Into The Future

While IDIS IDLA has served users very well pre-pandemic, its adoption has been instrumental in helping countless organizations comply with COVID-19 mandates. IDIS answered the call and developed the cost-effective and highly accurate AI Box (DV-2232) that encompasses functions to facilitate people counting, occupancy control, density monitoring, mask detection, and social distancing adherence. A simple add-on appliance, it gives users all the functions they need to minimize infection risks and avoid costly disruption to their business operations. This all-in-one, 32-channel AI appliance is compatible with existing IDIS network cameras and DirectIP® NVRs.

Better still, its benefits are extending post-COVID with functions such as people counting, heat mapping, and occupancy monitoring to help brick-and-mortar retailers bounce back with essential customer behavior analysis to turn browsing into purchases. And with the continued shift to hybrid working, the AI Box is providing facilities managers with the actionable intelligence they need to ensure the safety and continued operational efficiency of their buildings and workspaces.

And this is just the beginning. As the threat landscape changes, and businesses continue to adapt and evolve, IDIS is adding more features and functions so IDIS Deep Learning Analytics will provide the scalability and flexibility users everywhere need to overcome future challenges and mitigate risk.

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