TRENDnet Hive Cloud Supports Indoor Access Points

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TORRANCE, Calif.—TRENDnet, a global provider of SMB and consumer networking and surveillance solutions, has announced the expansion of its TRENDnet Hive cloud management solution, adding support for TRENDnet indoor wireless access points.

TRENDnet Hive is an advanced network cloud management solution designed to save users on time and cost by simplifying and centralizing the management and monitoring of a network(s) and networked devices. Through the cloud platform, users can manage multiple access points simultaneously with group profiles for provisioning. TRENDnet Hive also supports seamless WiFi roaming technology, allowing for fast and seamless transitions as wireless devices move away from and connect to different access points.

In addition to batch configurations and seamless roaming support, TRENDnet Hive allows security professionals to monitor and download detailed usage reports, both at the device and account levels. The update allows integrators to locate data bottlenecks, and expand the network to improve overall productivity. Customizable reports include information on total client throughput, traffic statistics, number of clients per WiFi band, total connected clients, and more.

The popular TRENDnet indoor wireless access points are now compatible with the TRENDnet Hive cloud management solution. This includes the four models listed below. The company adds that select upcoming models of access points will also support TRENDnet Hive.

Here are the models that currently support the technology:

  • AX1800 Dual Band WiFi 6 PoE+ Access Point (TEW-921DAP)
  • AC2200 Tri-Band PoE+ Indoor Wireless Access Point (TEW-826DAP)
  • AC1750 Dual Band PoE Access Point (TEW-825DAP)
  • AC1200 Dual Band PoE Indoor Wireless Access Point (TEW-821DAP, Version 2 and newer only)

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