Verkada Announces New Camera and Updates

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SAN MATEO, Calif.—Verkada, a manufacturer of cloud-managed enterprise building security and management, has unveiled an new pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera, as well as several other product offerings and new platform integrations.

“We’re excited about the new use cases Verkada can help our customers address with these new products and features,” comments Brandon Davito, senior vice president of product and operations at Verkada.

“The new cross-product capabilities we’re introducing today highlight the value of Verkada’s integrated platform and make it even easier for our customers to do the critical work of keeping people and places safe.”

Verkada says these new products and updates include:

Verkada CP52-E pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) Camera: This product the company says, gives customers the ability to monitor large areas. Equipped with a 5MP image sensor, the CP52-E has 360-degree pan and 220-degree tilt capabilities. Engineered to deliver low latency (<500 milliseconds), the CP52-E features 28x optical zoom, and delivers high levels detail, including in low-light conditions with an infrared range (IR) of 100 meters/382 feet.

Choose the Level of Professional Monitoring You Need With Alarm License Tiers: Verkada boasts customers can now choose from three Alarm Licenses with different levels of professional monitoring. The Basic Alarm License provides alarm monitoring without video verification for organizations that expect few false alarms or have an in-house monitoring team. Customers using the Basic Alarm License can still use person detection on cameras as an alarm trigger. The Standard Alarm License includes 100 video verification events per month, and is designed for organizations that do not expect anyone to be on their property after hours. Finally, the Premium Alarm License provides up to 1,000 video verification events per month, and is meant for areas where some human activity is expected after hours, such as a parking garage or ATM at night.

Go Beyond Arming and Disarming with BK11 and BK21 Alarm Keypads: Verkada’s new BK11 and BK21 Alarm Keypads let on-site employees easily arm and disarm their alarm system with a key code. Employees can also view live camera feeds straight from the keypad, as well as see the status of every alarm device in the building. The BK21 doubles as a wireless hub, and can support up to 60 wireless sensors.

EMR Integration With Verkada Guest for Healthcare Simplifies Visitor Management: Verkada is introducing a new user experience within Verkada Guest designed for hospitals, clinics and medical facilities. Verkada Guest can now integrate with EMR systems, support patient-specific approve/deny lists, and track active visitors – empowering front desk employees with all the necessary information right at their fingertips.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Unlock: Now Verkada users can unlock parking lot gates with just their license plate. LPR Unlock is a cross-product capability that uses a new peer-to-peer communication protocol to facilitate secure device interactions between cameras and door controllers. This means gates can open within half a second, regardless of internet connectivity.

Events Overlay in History Player: Verkada users can review events like Person of Interest, License Plate of Interest, forced door open events, and vape events from the camera History Player. Users can jump from one event to another, enabling them to easily find what they are looking for.

Doors on Floorplans: Verkada Access Control doors are now accessible in its Floorplans feature so customers can get a more complete view of their facilities at a glance. Each door displays as a color-coded door icon indicating the state of the door, including locked, unlocked, door forced open, lockdown.

Enhanced Alerts for Air Quality Sensors: The company points out that Enhanced Alerts is its latest tool to help its education customers address the student vaping epidemic. By pairing the People Analytics capabilities of its cameras with alerts from its air quality sensor, Verkada says that educators can more quickly identify people in an area when a sensor alert occurs. Enhanced alerts give educators time-saving tools to better respond to vaping incidents.

In addition, the company has announced more support mechanisms for improved customer and partner experiences.

Verkada emphasizes that now customers can share details about their command organizations with their trusted partners, giving them insight into license status, active support cases, and a six month case history. Partners can quickly see a list of Verkada staff responsible for the customer account, making sure we deliver great service and support.

Additionally, organization administrators now have access to a summary of cases initiated by their organization’s users from within Command. This functionality provides Administrators with insights into both ongoing and resolved cases within the past six months. Administrators can access case details including opening date, initiator, and subject. For closed cases, a resolution summary is also available.

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