Verkada Introduces New Products and Platform Updates

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SAN MATEO, Calif.—Verkada states that its customers often have a place where they would like to deploy a Verkada device—such as a parking lot, construction site, or remote area—but find it hard to do so due to a lack of internet connectivity.

The company admits however, trenching Ethernet wire to these locations can be cost-prohibitive, while cellular deployments are complicated to piece together and difficult to manage. Addressing these types of situations, Verkada has introduced its GC31 Cellular Gateway. According to the manufacturer, once the GC31 is fed power it will connect and power up to two Verkada devices, making connectivity in hard-to-wire locations plug-and-play. Verkada supports the gateway with an unlimited data plan for the GC31 that works worldwide with multi-carrier redundancy and its  24/7 live support.

In addition, the GC31 natively integrates with our products to enable faster setup, remote troubleshooting, and more efficient data usage.

Verkada Updates App and Improves Platform’s Ease of Use

In a series of moves to make its user experience easier to use for consumers, the company has announced a series of updates to its mobile app and platform.

The company points out that when using its newly updated iOS and Android app users will notice a more consistent experience across the web and mobile versions of Command, as well as a completely redesigned mobile user interface that is said to make it easier for users to navigate Command on the go.

Verkada explains through these updates it is now simpler to move between products, add devices, and access popular features such as people and vehicle search on mobile. The company also notes that its alarm products are now fully integrated into the Command mobile app to enable users to arm/disarm and manage alarm sites from their mobile devices.

On the company’s website, Verkada says in a blog, whether someone is on a mobile device or the web, it believes logging into its Command platform should be fast and secure. With its new platform updates users are now able easily login and authenticate on the web or mobile interfaces using passkeys, a fingerprint, face scan, or security key.  Verkada comments that passkeys are not only more secure, but also more convenient, and can enable faster access to Command especially in the event of an emergency.

Moving onto some of the updates the company has introduced, Verkada states that whenever an incidents occur, customers need tools to be able to identify potential threats and respond in real time.  Recently, the company introduced Incident Management, a way to manage digital evidence after an incident has occurred to enable faster reporting and follow-up.

With its latest release, the global company is introducing two new alert types with additional functionality to assist in identifying People of Interest (POIs), as well as a new feature, Shortcuts, that allows a customer to follow a subject from one camera to the next in real time. Verkada’s With line crossing alerts, the company says it is now possible to trigger an alert if a person or vehicle crosses a digitally drawn line in a specific direction. This is useful in situations where users may want to monitor for trespassing, such as crossing a fence line.

In addition, users can set new, time-based loitering alerts that trigger when an individual or vehicle remains in a specified location for too long.

The company’s new shortcut tools addresses the issue of following a subject moving through a building. A user must know exactly which camera to shift while continuing tracking the subject, but Verkada asserts, that may not be immediately clear based on the setup of the live feeds in Command.

To make this easier, it announced the shortcuts feature that allows users with a single click to access nearby cameras using icons overlaid on the camera feed itself.

Rounding out the company’s updates are its Government-grade,FIPS 140-2 standard compliant Verkada Command hosted in AWS GovCloud, which will initially support two product lines: video security (via four new models of FIPS-validated cameras) and Verkada Guest, a visitor management solution.

Additionally, the company has introduced its updates to its intercom management solution, and access management capabilities.

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