Verkada Launches SV11 Sensor for Enhanced Visibility Into Physical Spaces

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SAN MATEO, Calif. — Verkada, a provider of Cloud-managed enterprise building security, announces the release of its environmental sensor product line and its initial product, the SV11.

The SV11 is described as a simple-to-deploy sensing device that provides enhanced visibility into what is happening in a physical space. The Cloud-managed device seamlessly integrates with Verkada’s enterprise video security solution, allowing organizations to review context and quickly associate sensor events with relevant video footage.

The announcement includes the following use-case comments from Marty Oliver, director of technology at Godley Independent School District in Godley, Texas:

“We installed the environmental sensor across campuses in areas like bathrooms that are difficult to properly monitor and are therefore likely places for inappropriate activity such as vaping. Paired with Verkada’s video monitoring solution, the SV11 provides a new level of visibility into what’s happening in those spaces without infringing on students’ privacy, giving principals, superintendents and office administrators a more holistic understanding of student activity in school.”

The interface delivers real-time insights and makes it easy to respond to proactive alerts or conduct investigations into past incidents, according to the announcement. Customers across a range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail and hospitality are said to have already deployed the SV11 to monitor:

  • Air quality: Protect environments from invisible threats like gas and chemical leaks, or detect illicit activities like vaping and smoking.
  • Temperature and humidity: Monitor changes in temperature and humidity that may damage expensive infrastructure, materials, or food and medical supplies.
  • Motion and occupancy: Detect motion or occupancy in bathrooms, locker rooms, and other private areas where cameras are not appropriate.
  • Noise levels: Detect activity or disturbances without violating privacy.

“Our customers are responsible for the systems that keep facilities online, and our mission is to give those administrators the best possible tools to do their jobs,” says Filip Kaliszan, CEO and co-founder of Verkada. “Whether it be monitoring the status of a server room, the temperature of a patient room in a hospital, or the air quality of a school, the SV11 gives facilities and staff unprecedented visibility and control over the sites they’re responsible for keeping safe and secure.”

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