Video Doorbells & Intercoms: 9 Entrance Video Solutions That Deliver

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Sometimes going mainstream can be a bad thing. Fans in some cases will accuse their favorite bands of going commercial, for example. In the early 1990s, Metallica released its “Black” album and some fans dismissed the record as too commercial. In other cases, however, going mainstream can be a positive thing. A good example of this scenario is security-based smart home products.

Over the past several years, large electronics brands that include Amazon and Google have entered the market. These well-established brands’ entry into the security industry have bolstered the profile of the entire market and they have helped to foster consumer awareness for access control and video surveillance products.

One specific product merges these two categories and has found widespread adoption — video doorbells.

In addition to raising consumer awareness, the other major benefit of these mainstream brands entry into the security market is these products also provide an entry point into more advanced systems that meet more specific security requirements.

Taking a look at the diversity of today’s video doorbell category, users have a greater range of product choices than ever before. Here are nine products that span from retail, entry-level video doorbells from Google and Amazon, to more advanced video intercom solutions from companies such as Holovision and Doorbird. See which make sense to include in your customer offerings.

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