Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: 4-Year-Old Saves House From Air Fryer Fire

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In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

The popularity of air fryers has surged over the last half-decade. I personally held out on buying one because I thought how could the food turn out as crispy as it does in my oil-based fryer? When I finally gave in and got one (technically I received it as a gift), I couldn’t believe how crispy my food turned out.

After discovering this surveillance video, however, I’m going to be sure to keep a close eye on it. Video footage from a inside a Florida home shows a 4-year-old discover the family’s air fryer is on fire.

She runs out of the kitchen to get her dad who was in the middle of brushing his teeth. He sprints into the room, picks up the burning fryer with his bare hands and runs outside to throw it into the pool.

Also this week…

Shocking surveillance video from New York City shows a man disguised in traditional Hasidic clothing shoot a man as he is getting into his car.

The footage starts with the suspect pretending to work under the hood of his car. When he sees the victim, he takes a gun out of a bag, runs over to his target, shoots him and then drives off.

According to detectives, the victim had spent time in federal prison on drug charges and racketeering but was released early. Sources believe the gunman may have believed he was cooperating with the government against the co-defendants in the case who were sentenced to prison along with him.

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