Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Clumsy Arsonist Sets Self on Fire

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In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

It has become apparent over the years that some people don’t understand how gasoline and fire work. How else can you explain all the videos of arsonists accidentally setting themselves on fire?

There’s the guy that tried to set a fleet of luxury cars on fire, only to torch himself. Then there’s the guy that set his whole leg on fire attempting to burn down a local business.

This week we find an arson suspect attempting to burn down the office of a North Carolina RV park. Surveillance video shows the suspect pouring gasoline all over the place. He then lights a flame and suddenly the video turns white for a few seconds.

When the image comes back, the office is on fire and the suspect is nowhere to be found. Footage from a second camera shows the suspect immediately fleeing the scene with his feet and legs on fire. He even tries to pick up a backpack or some item that is on fire, but it disintegrates as he grabs it.

Also this week…

Surveillance video from Florida shows the moment a shootout occurs involving a rapper named … Pooh Shiesty.

Three luxury cars roll into a condo parking lot. A bunch of men get out of the car in what was said to be a deal for high-end sneakers and marijuana. Suddenly, several men pull out guns and fire at the men that were making the sale.

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