Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Cops Interrupt Robbery at CVS

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In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

The goal of every robber is to get in, get what they came for and get out as soon as possible, all before law enforcement shows up. This suspect in Baltimore did not accomplish that.

Body cam footage shows police officers responding to an armed robbery in progress at a CVS. The first officer pulls up to the store, enters with his gun raised and spots the suspect behind the counter.

He tells the suspect to put his hands up and then get on the ground, but he just stands still. He eventually drops to his knees and begins to reach into his pants when another officer arrives, ordering him to the ground.

Once he is detained on the ground, the officer searches the suspect and finds a gun inside his pants.

Also this week…

Here are three sisters up in Toronto you won’t want to mess with. The sisters noticed their restaurant had been broken into and then encounter the alleged suspect.

Despite claiming he has a knife, the sisters pounce on the suspect, taking him to the ground and holding him (as well as delivering some kicks for good measure) until police could arrive.

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