Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Hero Armored Truck Driver Outmaneuvers Robbers

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In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

We’ve had lots of wild moments caught on camera that look like they belong in a movie, but this latest one might take the cake.

Dash cam footage from South Africa shows two men in their cash-in-transit vehicle on the highway. The driver can be seen frequently checking his mirror when the truck is suddenly shot at.

Bullets hit the driver-side window, but luckily, the vehicle is bulletproof. He immediately floors it and tries to escape but is rammed several times. His partner draws his handgun but the driver has him pick up an assault rifle instead.

The security guards eventually evade the robbers and pull over. The driver grabs the assault rifle, exits the vehicle and waits for them to arrive. However, the robbers appeared to have called off the heist after their initial failure.

Turns out, the driver Leo Prinsloo, was a former police special task force veteran. If his partner looked nervous the entire time, it’s because it was his first week on the job. Talk about trial by fire…

Also this week…

One of the industries hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic was the restaurant business. One way of coping with health and safety restrictions by many businesses was the creation of outdoor seating areas. However, that created an opening for a new potential problem: dine-and-dashing.

Outdoor seating is more difficult to monitor than tables that are indoors. This has created problems for one San Francisco business in particular that has caught multiple instances of dine-and-dashing on their surveillance cameras.

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