Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Man Rides Horse Around Convenience Store

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In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

The Midwest is a unique place. While people on the East and West coasts typically gravitate towards the city life, folks in the Heartland have their own unique way of living.

For instance, you won’t find anyone on horseback in the middle of New York City or Boston (except sometimes law enforcement), but it’s not out of the ordinary in rural parts of the country.

A good example comes from Montana, where a man was caught on surveillance cameras riding his horse around a convenience store.

And this was nothing like the time a drunk man rode his horse into a liquor store to steal alcohol, this rider was in full control. He calmly rides around the store and no one seems to mind.

Even the convenience store took the situation in stride, posting the video on its Facebook page and writing, “While we understand that you might have a codependent relationship with ol’ Paint, we do ask that you dismount, ask your bronco to wait outside, and enter our stores solo in the future.”

Also this week…

Vacations aren’t cheap, especially ones to Disney World. A man being arrested at Disney Springs made sure to let officers know that.

Police body cam footage shows a man being arrested for skipping a temperature screening checkpoint and refusing to return to it when asked by staff. He can be heard telling the police that he spent $15,000 on his vacation, so he can’t be arrested.

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