Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Man Clumsily Fires 11 Rounds Through His Own Car

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In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

There are enough terrible drivers on the road already, but add a bozo with a gun to the mix? That’s a recipe for disaster. It’s a miracle no one was injured.

Dash cam footage shows a man reach into the center armrest of his car, take out a gun and begin shooting it wildly out of his vehicle.

The man told police he fired the gun because he thought the driver of another car had a gun. However, the full video tells a different story.

According to police, the man cut off a car which then begins to tailgate the gunman. The footage shows the man then “brake-check” the car. The car then speeds up to pass the man and throws a water bottle at his car. That’s when the man begins shooting wildly, nearly crashing his car in the process.

It’s especially disturbing that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone shoot through their own windshield.

Also this week…

In 2018, a man opened fire on a Nashville Waffle House with an assault riffle. He would end up killing four people and wounding numerous others, but it could have been much worse if not for the actions of one brave employee.

Newly released footage from the event shows employee James Shaw confront the gunman and wrestle the riffle away from him, tossing it behind the counter and ultimately making the suspect flee.

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