Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Thief Steals TVs, Bus From School

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In this week’s Top Surveillance Videos…

While ideally no place should ever be robbed, crooks ought to have some sort of code of honor and label schools 100% off-limits. These institutions are a critical component of society and already have a difficult time obtaining the supplies they need.

That’s what makes this security footage from a Harris County School in Texas so disheartening. Video surveillance shows a suspect making his way around the school taking TVs off the wall and stealing tablets and a laptop.

At one point, the suspect can even be seen slithering down a hallway, presumably trying to evade security cameras or sensors. He then steals a school bus to make off with his haul of electronics.

Also this week…

Also in Texas, a suspect managed to break into a home by squeezing through a cat flap. If that wasn’t bizarre enough, surveillance video shows that the man showered and then cooked himself a snack.

The contorting criminal attempted to steal a TV but was foiled by anti-theft locks. He ultimately would make off with just a Fitbit.

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