Vivint Adds Pool Safety Feature to Outdoor Camera Pro

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PROVO, Utah — Vivint Smart Home (NYSE: VVNT) is allowing users to opt-in to a free beta feature for the company’s Outdoor Camera Pro, called Pool Alerts.

The feature allows users to create an additional detection zone around an area in the camera’s field of view, such as a pool, pond, or outbuilding. If the camera detects activity in that zone, it can then notify the user that someone is in that detection zone.

Vivint notes in a blog post that “since this is a beta feature, it may not always work perfectly and may not always detect someone entering the detection zone. Pool alerts may experience the occasional bug as the team continues to evolve and make the feature even better.”

To enable Pool Alerts, users should open camera settings for the Outdoor Camera Pro in the Vivint app and then define and label the additional custom detection zone around a pool (or the area the user wants to protect, such as a pond or driveway).

Once this area is set and the pool alert capability is enabled, if a person is detected in the zone it will trigger the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro to automatically record a clip and send a “Person Detected” notification to the user’s phone.

This latest feature comes in addition to the Outdoor Camera Pro’s AI-powered Smart Deter feature, which is designed to identify lurkers on property. The camera automatically plays a loud warning tone and illuminates an LED light on the camera, letting the lurker know they’ve been spotted.

“Since pool alerts don’t need to be used around a pool or body of water, you can extend the watchful eye of the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro by adding the additional detection around any off-limit areas. So if you have valuable tools in your shed you want to keep an eye on or want to make sure no one enters an area where your livestock or pets live, you can add a pool alert for enhanced security,” Vivint says in the blog post. “The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro can also distinguish between people and animals, so you don’t have to worry about getting notifications if an animal wanders into the detection zone.”

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