VIVOTEK and Kisi Announce Integration Partnership, Collaborate at ISC West 2024

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SAN JOSE, Calif. – Global IP surveillance solution provider VIVOTEK recently announced its integration partnership with Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Kisi, showcasing the integration during ISC West 2024 in Las Vegas in VIVOTEK’s booth.

“Kisi is a modern cloud-based access control solution to secure physical spaces dedicated to providing a seamless and efficient user experience, making them ideally suited as a VIVOTEK partner,” says Albert Lin, VIVOTEK USA general manager, in the joint announcement. “We are looking forward to working with the Kisi team to make our customer’s integration requirements harmonious and easy to use.”

Kisi global access management “allows the user to remotely manage multiple locations from a single pane of glass, replacing hard-to-maintain on-premise access systems with a flexible cloud-based solution that grows with your business,” according to the joint announcement.

Kisi provides remote management, automation, integrations, over-the-air updates and other advanced functionalities inside the portal and from a mobile phone, the announcement says.

VORTEX is VIVOTEK’s next generation cloud platform that meshes video data, AI, big data, and cloud into a cohesive and powerful safety and security solution.

Why VIVOTEK Partnered With Kisi

“We’re really excited to see VIVOTEK’s VORTEX and Kisi integration going live,” says Daniela Mallarino, technology partnerships and integrations manager at Kisi, in the joint announcement. “This partnership brings together a cloud-based solution that isn’t just about enhancing security, but also ensuring we give users the best possible experience where visibility meets control.”

VIVOTEK also recently announced its 2024 theme Make Tomorrow Easier, Today! Core essential components to the new campaign include Make Analytics Easier, Make Cloud Easier, Make Search Easier, and Make Integration Easier.

“Experience VIVOTEK’s innovative vision, where simplicity in every advanced product and feature shapes a more streamlined future for you,” says Lin in the announcement. “Customize a seamless, cost-effective security system with our on-premise and cloud solutions, crafted for your needs.

“We are excited to announce, feature, and discuss Make Tomorrow Easier, Today! as we continuously add new value and insights for VIVOTEK partners and users through these ever evolving concepts and directives,” says Lin.

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