Why are SI’s Checking Into Hotels?

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The newly released eBook from IDIS entitled Seizing New Opportunities for Video Solutions in Hotels and Hospitality Settings is helping them do exactly that. This educational guide details how systems integrators (SIs) can successfully segue into the Hospitality sector. This IDIS eBook is available, as a free, one-click download on the IDIS website.

Safe Hotels Are Profitable Hotels

Statista has predicted an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2026) of 16.63% for hotels, resulting in a projected market volume of $117,865 million by 2026. Now is the time for savvy systems integrators to harness this resurgence and seize new opportunities in this sector.

Hotel operators realize that today’s consumers demand a high level of safety and security when selecting a hotel, and video surveillance technology is proving to be one of the most powerful and flexible tools to counter hotels’ safety and security vulnerabilities. A well-designed video surveillance system provides hotel operators and their on-site security teams the video intelligence they need to offer guests enhanced service and security. Today’s surveillance solutions span a vast array of video management software and cameras that assure security without compromising on a welcoming environment for guests. Furthermore, hotels that invest in video equipped with AI-enabled analytics are enjoying a reduction in costs and risks, while also improving service and operational efficiencies.

Video Tech Makes Dollars and Sense for Hotels

Today, quality surveillance solutions are affordable to install, maintain, and offer a low total cost of ownership. They can be adapted to every location, thanks to a wide choice of video management software and a range of cameras that will suit each site’s aesthetic requirements and guest expectations, maintaining the desired balance between a hospitable welcome and assurance of security. And dynamic privacy masking tools allow video to be retrieved for evidential purposes, while protecting and respecting the identities of guests, to ensure compliance with local and international regulations.

In hospitality settings, video – especially systems with AI-enabled analytics designed in and continually updated – is starting to give a competitive edge. For businesses to stay current and leverage the benefits of deploying the latest generation video technology, it’s important to understand their full value. For competitive hotels, video is no longer used only to reduce costs and cut risks, but also to improve service and efficiency in a way that is adding competitive value to the customer offering.

IDIS, a global security company that designs, develops, manufactures, and delivers surveillance solutions for a wide range of commercial and public sector markets, is pleased to make this Hospitality eBook available free of charge to assist systems integrators in seizing new opportunities in this growing sector. The IDIS Hotels  eBook can be downloaded from the IDIS website which now hosts several informative eBooks to support security technology decision makers. For more information on IDIS solutions, please visit www.idisglobal.com.

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