XProtect 2023 R3 from Milestone Systems Offers Dealers new VMS

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PORTLAND, Ore.—Milestone Systems, a provider of video technology, has announced the release of its latest version of its scalable, flexible, data-driven video management software (VMS): XProtect 2023 R3.

The update builds on XProtect’s open platform technology with new capabilities that increase operational efficiency, enhance collaboration, and provide tighter system control. Milestone Systems says the 2023 R3 update contains a wide array of enhancements, including cybersecurity hardening, improved VMS resilience, and expanded integrations with third-party systems via XProtect’s open API architecture.

Milestone Systems boasts XProtect 2023 R3 represents its commitment to pushing the boundaries of open-platform video technologies. The company’s focus on innovation ensures that XProtect users always have access to the latest capabilities to maximize the value of their video infrastructure.

A Closer Look at XProtect 2023 R3

The West Coast-based company emphasizes that a few key features that its newly updated VMS platform offers includes:

Onboarding Feature Guide: Milestone Systems explains this built-in feature in the Web Client presents operators with information on how the Web Client is structured. The company notes this function helps operators to work more efficiently, making onboarding of new employees easier and faster.

Role-Based Alarm Notifications: Users of XProtect 2023 R3 can now create alarm notification profiles that route alerts to specific operators based on their function. According to the company, this option prevents alarm fatigue by only sending relevant alarms to each user and helps operators focus on what really matters. Conversely, Milestone Systems adds, response times improve by putting critical alerts immediately in the right hands.

XProtect users under current Milestone Care can download the 2023 R3 update at no additional cost. Organizations not currently using XProtect are invited to explore how they can benefit from the newly announced flexible open platform VMS.

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