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NDAA-Compliant Solutions

The NDAA line-up now includes 2MP, 5MP, and 8MP models — bullet, domes, turrets, and fisheye cameras — which are ideal for applications of any size from small to medium sites such as retail outlets, hotels, local government facilities, and offices through to enterprise users such as utilities, school and university campuses, logistics, and large commercial buildings. Those sites needing Ultra High-Definition coverage will benefit especially from the 8MP models which deliver crisp and clear image capture even in low light conditions. IDIS’s end-to-end technology also comes with the assurance of easy plug-and-play installation, low maintenance and long-term system value, which gives users a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Designed and made in Korea, and backed by industry-leading warranties, IDIS gives users video tech they can trust. Learn more here.

Transform Security Operations With Deep Learning Analytics And Metadata 

IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA) cuts through the ‘noise’ to distinguish people, cars, and bikes, and provides real-time analysis of object behavior, color, and direction of movement. By using highly accurate AI-assisted notifications for intrusion, object, loitering, and unusual or suspicious events, operators are automatically presented with a real-time situational view to verify an incident quickly and initiate an efficient and appropriate response.

IDLA also gives users the power of metadata allowing easy-to-use smart searching. IDIS Instant Meta Filtering allows operators to organize, search, and retrieve intelligent information from huge amounts of video footage across multiple cameras and even multiple sites.

While IDIS Person Match can easily search for persons of interest with just a few clicks, it also allows operators to quickly track persons of interest, reveal their behavior, movements over time, and last-known location, enabling rapid investigation of incidents or suspicious activity.

Speeding up day-to-day operations, both tools are particularly important when time is of the essence, by reducing investigation time for critical incidents from days and hours down to minutes. Learn more here.

Put Control At Your Fingertips With IDIS Mobile Plus

The IDIS Mobile Plus app delivers situational awareness of single and multiple sites and gives users enterprise-class VMS on the move. The app enables up to 4K live streaming and high image quality on mobile devices and allows personnel to remotely respond to incidents.

Recorded footage can be played back in the same high definition that operators and managers are used to from their control rooms or client software. Users can choose from a range of viewing options – including portrait or landscape, dark mode, simultaneous 1/4/9/16 split screens, and a four-channel synchronized 2 x 2 split screen mode – to quickly review multiple camera events.

The IDIS Mobile Plus app can be configured to receive push alarms based on event and time lapse queries, and gives users the ability to use two-way audio, QR codes for fast device registration, and image capture while on the move. Security, safety, and loss prevention personnel can also remotely respond to and investigate incidents or suspicious behavior using notifications generated by alarm-in, motion detection, trip zones, video loss, and text-in functions. The new app also incorporates the benefits of IDIS’s Smart UX Controls, with: full pan, tilt, and zoom control of DirectIP® and DirectCX® cameras; calendar search, playback, and bookmark functions; simple drag and drop to change the size and position of the video; and pinch zoom for PTZs and fisheye dewarping. Learn more here.

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