New ZKTeco Solution Combines Biometric Access Control With Video Event Management

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ALPHARETTA, Ga. — ZKTeco USA, announces the launch of ZKWatch, an integrated biometric access control with video event management solution powered by Arteco.

ZKWatch combines alarms and notifications from third-party devices such as video surveillance, access control, license plate recognition (LPR), fire detection, gunshot detection, video analytics, building automation and more onto a single platform.

The solution‘s server is a hardware appliance preloaded with ZKBioSecurity. ZKWatch, which can support up to ten doors and cameras, can provide reasonable recording storage capacity as well, according to the company.

ZKTeco USA President and Founder Manish Dalal says, “Arteco was one of the first software developers to offer video event management and partnering with them to offer an integrated solution with ZKBioSecurity platform was the need of the hour. As ZKTeco introduces new devices and software applications to the market, we look forward to integrating them with Arteco’s NEXT VEMS, as well.”

ZKWatch software can also be purchased separately if the customer prefers to install it on their server. ZKTeco says the focus is on identifying critical events and areas of interest, rather than sifting through hours of non-critical video footage and linking them with access control transactions.

“Our collaboration with ZKTeco has already let to excellent results, therefore we couldn’t be happier to take part in this new project by providing the software technology of ZKWatch,” says Giampaolo Sabbatani, CEO of Arteco. “A complete integration of both of our products is the natural consequence of our mission: bridging the gap between effective security solutions and security professional by proposing custom-made solutions.”

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